Grooming & Spa

Our professionally trained staff have the knowledge and proper tools to care for your pet's specific grooming needs such as a bath, a haircut, or even a nail trim.


Includes 2 baths, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression (upon request); haircut determined at your consultation.


2 baths, nail trim, and ear cleaning with a light brushing. *Pets coats must be in an acceptable condition for this service.

Bath & Deshed

2 baths, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (upon request), and deshed service to remove the dead coat to prevent shedding.

Spa Services

All additional spa services listed are by appointment only.

Spa Services

Teeth brushing–$10.00
Nails grinding–$8.00
Facial–$8.00 (helps keep the face smelling fresh for longer aids in lightening eye stains)
Nail painting–$15.00
Hair color–$15.00 and up (price determined size of area colored)
Color Art–$7.00 and up

Walk-In Services

Nail trim–$14.00
Nail trim & grind–$18.00
Anal gland expression–$12.00
Ear cleaning–$5.00
Ear plucking & cleaning–$8.00
Paw pads shaved–$5.00

Conditioning Treatments

Moisturizing Conditioner for dry coats
Sm $12.00 | Med $16.00 | Lg $20.00

Sheamora or Oatmeal for coats that are brittle, dry or itchy. (Also helps remedy microbial and fungal irritations.)
Sm $12.00 | Med $16.00 | Lg $20.00

Medicated Shampoos
Oatmeal/ Antibacterial/Anti-fungal or Flea and Tick
Sm $12.00 |  Med $15.00 | Lg $20.00


Shampoo and Conditioner Combos
Sm $18.00 | Med $20.00 | Lg $27.00

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